Top Benefits of “Single Visit” Dentistry!

If you’ve ever had a traditional crown, then you already know about the inconveniences of the multiple long appointments, multiple uncomfortable impressions for both the permanent and temporary crowns, and the 2 weeks of avoiding certain foods and hoping your temporary crown stays on until the next appointment.  Fortunately, there is now a single-visit alternative that takes less than two hours.  The “CEREC” brand’s method of making same-day, customized crowns from ceramic blocks using computer-aided design and manufacturing within the dentist’s office.

CEREC crowns offer several benefits:

Durability:  CEREC crowns are durable. One study cites their survival likelihood as being an impressive 95.5 percent over nine years.

No extra anesthesia! -or- Less Numbing:  You only need local anesthesia once when you receive a single-visit CEREC crown.

No temporary crown:  You don’t require a temporary crown before receiving your single-visit CEREC crown. This point alone has multiple benefits. There is no impression material mess, no discomfort caused by an ill-fitting temporary, no risk of temporary breakage or possible infection and no discomfort or trauma during the removal of the temporary crown.

Higher accuracy:  The chance of crown-manufacturing error is less because instead of a lab technician using a plaster model to make your crown, your dentist can create a 3D model of your teeth to digitally design a crown with the perfect shape, fit and appearance that is customized to your mouth.  

Reduced contamination risk:  Because the dentist prepares your tooth on the same visit when they’re adhering the crown, you have a reduced risk of contamination.

Optimal appearance:  The porcelain blocks that the experienced staff will make your CEREC crown from are available in a variety of different shades, ensuring that it will match the rest of your teeth as closely as possible. An added benefit is that the dentist can stain the porcelain and glaze it after milling to perfectly match the color to your crown’s surrounding teeth when necessary.

Reduced post-procedure sensitivity:  CEREC single-visit crowns give you less post-procedure sensitivity. The accuracy of the design, thanks to the computerized digital mapping used to create the crown, means that the fit and adhesion are better. Also because there is no temporary crown and waiting period, CEREC crowns eliminate the risk of discomfort-producing contamination of dentin tubules caused by a poor-fitting or cracked temporary crowns

Ask us about single-visit CEREC crowns. They are advantageous over traditional crowns and may be a better option for your next crown procedure.

At Kremers, Forbes and Associates, we have been delivering quality CEREC restorations for over 15 years!  Come ask us how single-visit CEREC dentistry can greatly improve your dental experience today!


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